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About Us

Credit Union Online Marketing, Done Right

Credit Unions often lack the time and expertise needed to maximize marketing results online via Social Media, Blogs and Email. Credit Unions want to be involved in these valuable online conversations, but repeatedly we find CU staff don’t know where to begin. This is where Social Stairway comes in!

We are a full-service Online Marketing Agency, and we now work exclusively with only Credit Unions.

Why Should Your Credit Union Choose Social Stairway?

  • OUR PASSION: Crazy for Social Media Marketing, we love to share our knowledge and expertise!
  • YOUR INDUSTRY: As life-long Credit Union members we love the industry and are dedicated to the CU mission.
  • MILLENNIALS: Our staff is committed to helping CUs reach their next generation of members!
  • TRAINING: Highly versed in staff training, we help even the online novice tackle the complicated world of online marketing.
  • BEST PRACTICE: We are highly trained in this ever-changing industry, and are committed to keeping up with all the latest trends, tools and social media platform changes.
  • MARKETING STRATEGY: Our specialty is designing and implementing Digital Marketing Strategies for Credit Unions.
  • ONLINE ENGAGEMENT: We love helping CUs effectively engage with fans and followers online, and then begin the process of converting those fans to members and brand ambassadors.
  • ONLINE AD SUPPORT: We are adept at building effective, efficient & highly targeted Social Media Ad Campaigns using the latest techniques that even larger agencies employ.
  • MEASURING ROI: Our passion is working with clients to demonstrate real and measurable ROI from all of their Social Media efforts.
  • NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENT: We require no long-term commitment and guarantee our results!

Contact us today and let Social Stairway help take your Credit Union’s online marketing efforts to the next level!

12 Steps to Grow Your Credit Union

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Our Services

Assessment & Competitor Analysis Package:

Our marketing team will compile a top-three competitor social media analysis report. We will provide this analysis with some strategy suggestions in a one-hour meeting and written report.

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CU Social Engagement Package:

Building and Engaging your Online Audience. This is where 90% of all Credit Unions need to begin. We will work with your staff for 6 months to optimize TWO Social Media platforms and create a comprehensive marketing strategy. This package includes staff training, posting support, online ad campaign design and monthly ROI reports.

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CU Social Conversions Package:

Building on our Stage One Package, we will now add in email automation to help your Credit Union convince and convert your engaged online audience. This six-month package focuses on generating online leads and then converting them to new CU members. We connect your online efforts to revenue generation and help you focus on conversion tracking, ROI Reporting, Email Automation and Online ad support.

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Other Packages Customized Just for YOU!! – Support Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Meet Our Founders


Meredith Olmstead
Founding Partner & Marketing Consultant, Social Stairway

With a passion for communicating and life-long learning, Meredith founded Social Stairway because she saw a real need in the small business world for highly skilled expertise in Social Media Marketing. She has a strong background in Staff Training and Social Media Marketing, and as an experienced Director of Online Marketing, she has implemented online marketing strategies for businesses in various kinds of industries. Meredith has truly mastered the art of turning social media engagement into measurable results and customer satisfaction.


Tara Moseley
Partner & Marketing Consultant, Social Stairway

Tara comes to Social Stairway with a very strong background in Project/Program Management and Technical Consulting. She has implemented large-scale projects across various industries and is also an experienced photographer, which helps tremendously when working with clients on their visual Social Media needs. Tara specializes in Pinterest and Instagram and combines her visual aesthetics with technical expertise to create a strong Social Media brand presence for our clients.

Our Blog

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