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Why Social Stairway is Right for Your Credit Union


Crazy for Digital Marketing and Life-Long Credit Union Members, we love what we do and are dedicated to the CU mission.


Our team is adept at creating campaigns that are strategic and highly targeted, engaging and converting new and existing CU members, and we prove it through monthly reporting and goal setting.


Highly versed in staff training and the ever changing digital marketing industry, we are committed to keeping up with evolving trends and helping you do the same.

At Social Stairway Our Work Speaks for Itself… We Require NO Long-Term Commitment!

Our Services

Assessment & Competitor Analysis Package:

Our marketing team will compile a top-three competitor social media analysis report. We will provide this analysis with some strategy suggestions in a one-hour meeting and written report.

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CU Social Engagement Package:

Building and Engaging your Online Audience. This is where 90% of all Credit Unions need to begin. We will work with your staff for 6 months to optimize TWO Social Media platforms and create a comprehensive marketing strategy. This package includes staff training, posting support, online ad campaign design and monthly ROI reports.

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CU Social Conversions Package:

Building on our Stage One Package, we will now add in email automation to help your Credit Union convince and convert your engaged online audience. This six-month package focuses on generating online leads and then converting them to new CU members. We connect your online efforts to revenue generation and help you focus on conversion tracking, ROI Reporting, Email Automation and Online ad support.

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Other Packages Customized Just for YOU!! – Support Tailored to Your Individual Needs


Other Credit Unions are Finding Success with Us!

“… they take all of the elements of social media marketing — from strategy to budgeting to content to lead generation to tracking, etc. — and help CUs implement effective programs that make the most of human and financial resources. We think that all CUs should work with Social Stairway!”

- Mike, Today’s Credit Unions

“The Social Stairway team truly cares about producing results for their clients. Every project includes Key Progress Indicators, and they track our success in meeting these indicators on every project.”

- Tony, VP Marketing, St. Mary’s CU

“…they understand the market and what our members want, and are thorough in their research and deliverables from the strategic goals all the way to the tasks required to meet those goals, and the know the importance of ROI.”

- Angie, AVP Marketing, AERO FCU

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