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Working with Meredith on the social media launch for the credit union has been an amazing experience so far. She is truly an expert in the field. Meredith is not only detail oriented and well organized, but she’s truly a pleasure to work with. Her work ethic and committment to the job are greatly appreciated!                                                                                                             -SVP Marketing & Business Development, Peach State FCU


Industry: Financial Services, Credit Union, Community Banking

Dates of Social Stairway Consulting Service: September 2013 – March 2014

Platforms Implemented: Facebook, Twitter, Blog


Peach State came to us for training, implementation and overall marketing strategy support as they launched their first Social Media Marketing campaign. They went from absolutely no social media presence to a very active and engaged strategy that has paid off in member buy-in and VERY high fan engagement and interaction. They are now handling weekly customer service enquires via Facebook and Twitter, and are finding a lot of click through interest in their regular blog articles, which are shared each week on their various social networks.

We designed and guided Peach State through several Facebook Page Like contests, targeting staff and Credit Union members, which is how they were able to grow their online audience so quickly.

Beginning in January 2014, when member data was made available, we achieved considerable success targeting known CU members (e-statement enrollees) for Facebook page likes and regular post engagement.


Page Likes –

September – no page

October – 588 Likes

November – 1140 Likes

December – 1388 likes

January – 1640 likes

February – 2127 likes

March – 2617 likes


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.02.11 PM

Engagement –

Average PTAT Engagement per month is in the range of 9-14%, with total engagement including clicks hovering around 19-22%!

Average Cost Per Post Engagement – $0.04

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.03.16 PM

Conversion Ads Running Monthly –

January Reach – 8,067 people

February Reach – 12,525 people

March Reach – 5,903 people


Page Like Ads Targeting Confirmed E-Statement Enrollees –

Since January they have had 464 Page Likes from these CU members alone. With an avg. cost per E-Statement page like of $0.17.

Avg. Facebook Ads spend per month is $300



Published 3-4 times per week, with 2-3 coming from an outside content source and 1 being written by CU internal staff.

January – 450 Unique Visitors, for 1841 page views, Bounce Rate of 32%

February – 325 Unique visitors, for 1,325 page views, Bounce Rate of 29%


During our time working with Peach State Twitter limited the ability of Credit Unions to advertise or promote posts. However, our expectation is that this will change, which will help CUs reach more members and potential members via the Twitter platform.

Followers –

September – 0

October – 45 Followers

November – 73 Followers

December – 105 Followers

January – 133 Followers

February – 152 Followers

March – 161 Followers


As a final impact to note, in the midst of our work with Peach State their online engagement was achieving some of the highest numbers in the state of Georgia. Here are the actual numbers from December 2013.

peach ranking


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