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“We are thoroughly pleased with the work that Meredith and her team at Social Stairway have done for us. The dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm that Meredith brings to the table is truly unique. We feel as though she has really become “one of us” in the sense that she has been committed to learning and knowing our credit union from the inside out. This has translated into Meredith building a social media strategy that is tailored to us and our needs. ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – Marketing Manager, St. Mary’s CU


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Industry: Financial Services, Credit Union, Community Banking

Dates of Social Stairway Consulting Service: May 2015 – Present

Platforms Implemented: Facebook, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Blog, Email Marketing Integration

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During the First Quarter of 2015 we were able to drive over 500 qualified leads to download a Budgeting e-Book designed to benefit St. Mary’s CU members and potential new members.

From this list 55 members or potential new members were identified for follow ups by member service to discuss new products or services.

We are continuing to build on this success with two more inbound campaigns, one targeting small business loans and core business deposits and one promoting a new relationship checking product, which incentivizes members to do more banking with the CU.



Our services for St. Mary’s are ongoing and we began working with the CU in the Spring of 2015 to help existing staff create a full marketing strategy and fully optimize their company social media platforms and daily posting efforts. We trained key marketing personnel in social media best practice and helped devise and implement their internal and public policies, procedures, and response plans. Social Stairway staff supplement St. Mary’s daily/weekly posting needs and also provide them with monthly analytics and ROI reports for Board review. The results below have been achieved with a monthly budget of only $600-$800 for Facebook Ads and $200-$300 for LinkedIn Ads.

Specific target audience results for 2015: Targeting Small Business Owners, Youth (ages 18-25) & Parents of Youth, and Members.

specific audience results


We are currently implementing an extensive HubSpot email automation and Inbound marketing campaign for St. Mary’s to better connect leads from social media and web traffic to actual new member applications and loan product conversions at the credit union.

Social Media Results:

Facebook Reach & Engagement has increased dramatically with our assistance. Overalll reach has benefited from ad support as well as the natural boost to organic reach you get when users are positively engaged with other content. Overall, weekly engagement for the CU hovers around 20% which is truly remarkable for a financial institution!

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